Marijuana Packages Appear on Florida Beaches After Hurricane Florence

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According to police, a boat with drugs may have turned during a storm. One man was arrested trying to get the drug.

Several packages containing five-pound bricks of marijuana appeared on beaches in Florida, USA, after Hurricane Florence. According to the Washington Post, the drug was possibly from a boat that was overturned during the storm or from a drug delivery that went awry.

Flagler County officials said they recovered about 45 pounds of marijuana in two days. The packages appeared on several beaches led by the strong waves caused by the passage of Florence, which touched the soil in the USA on Friday

In St. Johns County, north of Flagler, the packets began to float to the surface over the weekend when a slacker caught a black package of water, said St. Johns commander Chuck.

In addition, the Coast Guard discovered seven or eight packages off the coast of St. Johns. There were no trademarks or return addresses in any of the packages. Mulligan noted that traffickers often put their own brand on cocaine packages, but none were found in cannabis packs.

Given the packet’s location and discovery time, “they are probably all part of the same shipment,” said Mulligan. “The question is, where did they get into the water?” He said the packages could have flown north as far as Puerto Rico, and could have been drifting for some time.

Mulligan said the shipment could have come from a boat that turned in the storm, or from an airplane delivery, where the aircraft missed the target or was simply thrown in the wrong place by the air delivery crew. Or someone being chased by the Coast Guard may have thrown him overboard. “There are a myriad of possibilities,” he said.

Marijuana was handed over to Customs and Border Protection for further investigation.

Bather Trapped

In Flager, also in Florida, some bathers tried to take the drug, but the police were called. According to the person who made the call to the police, between 7 and 8 people were disputing one of the packages that appeared on the beach.

Marijuana Packages Appear on Florida Beaches After Hurricane Florence

A man identified by local police as Robert Kelley, 61, was arrested and charged with possession of marijuana over 20 grams. Medical marijuana is legal in Florida but “illegal” for recreational use, said Sheriff’s spokeswoman Anna Hackett.

Other bathers who fled with a few small packages of drugs are being sought. A woman in a yellow bikini was photographed taking at least one package from the package and was no longer on site when the police arrived. She was considered a fugitive by police, who released her photo.

Source: G1 Globo