Mar Del Plata: People Fight For The Safe Return of a Stranded Whale to the Sea in Punta Mogotes

MAR DEL PLATA – Without tools and shovels to gain some depth and buckets to throw water on her back, environmentalists and neighbours collaborate since yesterday to keep a whale alive that was stranded in front of Punta Mogotes the beach and help her to return to the open sea.

The effort made in the last hours to move it was in vain until now. And the prevailing low tide further complicated the situation. The tide will only grow in the afternoon.

The animal is about eight meters long and during this morning it remained on the humid sand, far from the last effort of the waves that reach the coast. Stay covered with moist blankets to keep her hydrated.

Specialists assured that it is a young whale. They consider that this accident may have been motivated by some disease that is suffering and has weakened it, so it was exposed to the currents that dragged it to the shore.

Environmentalists and neighbors fought to save the cetacean

Staff from environmental organizations, official organizations and Prefectura Naval Argentina are present, as well as people who went to look out of curiosity about this unusual episode to collaboration, as when attempts were made to push it when the sea still surrounded the cetacean.


Source: La Nacion