Man Is Rescued in El Manglito Beach in La Paz, After A Boat Accident

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The action originated last Wednesday, September 12, in the vicinity of El Manglito beach; 2 crew members managed to swim to the shore.

This Wednesday, September 12, the rescue of a male, who was on board a smaller vessel, which had overturned near the beach Manglito, in La Paz.

In this regard, the Navy-Navy Secretariat of Mexico reported that the rescue was carried out with the support of the personnel of the Naval Search, Rescue and Maritime Surveillance Station (Ensar ) in La Paz.

The actions originated after receiving a report from the 911 emergency center, where it was reported that a person was in the water next to an overturned boat.

Due to the above, the departure of a Defender class vessel with rescue swimmers was ordered, in order to help the person in question.

After the vessel was located, a male person was found, who said he was 47 years old, who said that he had a mishap resulting in his pantoqueara (turning over), however, he had already managed to bring it back (return it to its vertical position).

The boat had no propulsion because it had been damaged due to the incident and another two crew members had swam to the shore to request the corresponding support, the man said.

Man Is Rescued in El Manglito Beach in La Paz, After A Boat Accident

Finally, the affected person was sheltered in the Navy’s boat to be transferred to the Ensar La Paz wharf, where a medical examination was carried out by the Naval Health personnel, in good health.


Source: BCS Noticias MX With information from NBCS News