Man Falls Into the Sea After Trying to Take Selfie in the Middle of Partying on Boat

What began as a pleasant evening on the high seas almost ended in tragedy, after an accident occurred in a motorboat, after a man fell into the sea after trying to take a group selfie in the middle of a party in Valparaíso.

The event occurred after 01:00 hours this Sunday, when about 80 people were in the boat “Black Pearl”, which holds parties in the bay of Valparaiso, at which time a group of people was preparing to get a photo near the rail of the maritime vehicle.

“I tried to grab him and he fell. I saw what happened in situ, “said Claudio Pailaqueo, witness of the incident, who added that the” protagonist “of the emergency was under an evident state of drunkenness, according to La Estrella de Valparaíso .

Following in that line, the man also said that “there was another guy who also arrived healed on the rails, who were girls, to take pictures in the middle of the party. He got on the seat and already leaning against the railings, he told the other guy to get up and take a picture together, a selfie. In that when he tried to sit, his body went back and the latter fell into the sea. ”

Regarding the rescue of the individual, Pailaqueo said that they took 40 minutes to find the man, noting that “I do not know that the guy had knowledge of survival: when we found him he was without clothes and floating on his back”, so he was taken to the boat motor waiting for another boat to perform the resuscitation maneuvers.

In what relates to the safety of the boat, Claudio Pailaqueo was emphatic to say that it was full, noting that “there were no life vests, no lights to light, flares, nothing. It was a miracle that we found it in the sea. ”

He also denounced delay by Navy personnel to go to rescue the man, while from the institution, Daniel Gonzalez, captain of Puerto de Valparaíso, said that after activating the means of search and after “20 minutes it was possible to rescue from the sea to this person who was at the beginning of mild hypothermia. ”

After what happened, the affected was attended by SAMU personnel after being transferred to the Prat Pier in the port city, being discharged a few hours later.


We tried to contact the owners of the “Black Pearl” to give their version of what happened, which ultimately did not happen.


Source: Biobiochile