Maconi Declares His Innocents in the Confiscation of 1,570 Kilos of Drugs from the Ship

The Third Chamber of the Court of Appeal of the National District in the Dominican Republic on Tuesday confirmed the preventive detention of Héctor Bienvenido Guevara ( Maconi ), accused of complicity in the seizure of 1,570 kilos of cocaine on the Kaluba ship.

At the time of his transfer back to prison, Maconi said he respects the decision of the judges but will continue to appeal the decision because he is innocent.

“To this day, what I am asking is that they interrogate me about this case because until now nobody has questioned me: what I want is for this case to be clarified, because I do not know about that case and that Investigate the whole world, “Maconi said.

Héctor Bienvenido Guevara

For his part, Maconi’s lawyer, Francisco Domínguez, said that although the judges of the court have not heard the supposed telephone interceptions that accuse his client, nor the allegations that the Public Prosecutor’s Office used, they rejected the appeal to his client, but that on the 10th of this month you will have to know the mandatory revision of the measure.


Source: CDN