The Macabre Case of the Submarine Mayhem it is Finally Brought to Justice

A Danish court begins tomorrow the trial against the inventor Peter Madsen, accused of the murder of the Swedish journalist Kim Wall, who was dismembered on board his submarine in a macabre case with global impact that shook the country.

Madsen, an amateur inventor very popular in Denmark for his designs of rockets and submersibles, is accused of torturing and killing Wall on August 10, whom he had invited on board to grant him an interview.

The prosecutor has already revealed that he will ask for life imprisonment or, in a subsidiary way, custody – indefinitely renewable for dangerous inmates – once it has been determined that the inventor does not suffer from any serious mental illness.

The killing occurred with “prior planning,” according to the prosecutor, who accuses Madsen of carrying a saw, knives, screwdrivers, strips and metal tubes aboard the submarine.

According to his investigation, the man tied the journalist’s head, arms and legs, hit her and punched and cut her genitals before killing her and throwing her into the dismembered sea.

The way in which the reporter died, whose mutilated remains were found in a search of several months on the Danish coast, is not known for sure, but the hypothesis is decapitation or strangulation.

The prosecutor – who also accuses the inventor of sexual intercourse without intercourse, indecent treatment of the body and violating the maritime laws – has insisted on previous appearances in the fondness for the sadomasochism of the inventor, in whose computer there were videos of women executed and tortured, that he says they are not his.

As the journalist’s boyfriend confessed to Danish television, the couple, who was moving to China a few days later, were celebrating a farewell party with the friends at the pier, a few hundred meters from Madsen’s workshop, he sent a message accepting the interview if it was done that same afternoon.

It was the boyfriend who gave the warning to the Danish police at dawn when he did not hear from his partner, and a search was started that ended the next morning, when Madsen reappeared in Køge (south of Copenhagen), where he was rescued before to sink the ship.

The man said that the reporter had disembarked hours after the beginning of the trip, but was changing the statement in the following days as the police investigation progressed.

In his next version he assured that the woman died when the hatch fell accidentally and that she threw the corpse into the sea, whole and with clothes, after sailing hours aimlessly and thinking about suicide.

Finding that Wall’s skull had no fractures, the defendant – in pretrial detention since August and pleaded not guilty – claimed that he had died of carbon monoxide poisoning while he was on deck and admitted to having dismembered his body.

According to the initial plan of the trial, which includes twelve days of hearings and whose sentence is expected by April 25, the inventor could begin to declare tomorrow, which has increased interest in the case.

At the hearing on September 5 to renew the preventive detention for the first time, he appeared in a camouflage suit that he used to wear daily and admitted his contacts with sado circles and having sex with several women in the submarine, which he used often also as your home.

“Rocket” Madsen, as the Danish press calls him, became well known for his submarine designs and for being the co-founder of the firm Copenhagen Suborbitals, created in 2008 with the aim of launching manned single-seater space and taking off with Successful experimental rockets without people on board.

The inventor, who according to Danish media his wife has left while he was in prison, became estranged with his partners a few years ago and created his own space project, although he was facing serious funding problems, according to his biographer and several acquaintances.

Swedish journalist Kim Wall

One of her lovers claimed in a recent interview that Madsen had confessed days before Wall’s death in a casual tone that he planned to kill someone in the submarine, while a former collaborator revealed a conversation between the two in which the inventor said to dream with committing the perfect crime one day.


Source: La Vanguardia