Lost in the Barents Sea a Small Boat Was Towed to the Port

As SKSR Rosmorrechflot reports, at 18:50 on May 22, the information of the Murmansk MRCC was received that at 15:50 on May 22 in the eastern part of the Kildi Strait (Barents Sea) the small vessel PM6693N with two fishermen on board lost its course. Options for towing to the port by passing ships have been worked out.

At 18:30 an emergency vessel was taken by tugboat with a small vessel “TT-0466” for towing to the port. At 22:00 on May 22 the ship was towed to Polyarny. The condition of the fishermen is satisfactory.

Lost in the Barents Sea small boat was towed to the port


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Source: Maritime News of Russia