The “Little Roger Christian” Sinks Off Sète

Victim of a fire, Little Roger Christian III, known as Petit RC, sank off Sète on Wednesday, January 24th.

The alarm was given by the crew at approximately 12:30, while fishing was about 14 miles from the port and a fire was on board.

Following the alert broadcast by Cross Med, the Dragon 34 civil defense helicopter and the SNSM star Admiral Leenhardt went to the area, and several ships were diverted. The trawler Sétois Louis Gaétane was the first on the spot. In particular, he recovered the three crewmen, who had already taken their place in the life raft, before bringing them back to the ground, shocked but safe.

Little Roger Christian

Wooden vessel of 1977 (19 meters long and 5 wide), this former trawler of Grau-du-Roi under the name of Grace of God II, had become the property of the Sétois armament Del Ponte last year. The vessel was declared lost at 1630, with the SNSM remaining in the area to monitor debris and potential pollution.


Source: Le Marin