Las Grutas Argentina: Dramatic Rescue When Two Girls Were Dragged Out to Sea by the Waves

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It happened on Saturday in the spa town. They had to be assisted at the hospital because they were in a state of shock.

The lifeguards of Las Grutas saved two 15-year-old girls who were dragged out to sea by the intense waves. Once on the mainland, they had to be taken to the local hospital because they had swallowed a lot of water and were in shock due to the situation. A tourist recorded everything and the public on Facebook.

The incident occurred on Saturday around 6.30 pm near the First Descent when the lifeguards had already finished the passive guard and others trained for an international competition.

According to witnesses, despite the fact that the sea was choppy with big waves, the girls -domiciliated in the town of Grenadian- threw themselves to refresh themselves and enjoy the day. However, an afternoon of relaxation was not expected to become a nightmare.

Fortunately, lifeguard Luis Vilches had stayed on the beach despite having fulfilled his work schedule and chatted with his colleagues “Gallego” Dávila and Diego Alfaro when they noticed that the teenagers were in danger. Without hesitation, they threw themselves into the water to save them, but the violence of the waves complicated the procedure.

After several minutes they managed to remove them. The head of the body that participated in the operation, Mauro Scalesa, explained that they were in shock and that they had swallowed a lot of water, so they had to be taken to the hospital to receive medical attention as soon as possible.

When they arrived at the place the two girls were in a panic and the violence of the swell greatly complicated the rescue tasks. After a few minutes of struggle, they managed to get them out. They were still very scared and could barely stand up. That’s why they called the hospital, from where they sent an ambulance.


Source: lmneuquen