A Large Spot Appears on an Asturian Beach Where a Boat Sank 32 Years Ago

Geologists believe that they are the remains of the ship ‘Castillo de Salas’ that ran aground in front of Gijón in 1986.

The San Gijón beach of San Lorenzo returned to dawn this Sunday with a big coal stain. The black shadow had already appeared last Thursday, according to local press. But despite the concern of neighbors, who fear that the spot is the product of pollution, the geologists of the Arenal Observatory claim that they are the remains of Castillo de Salas, the ship that ran aground off the coast of Gijón in January 1986, loaded with 100,000 tons of coal, reports La Nueva España.

According to the geologists, the stain has appeared after a storm, as it happened in April 2017. Workers from Emulsa have already begun cleaning at the beach of San Lorenzo, the busiest in the city.

The coal stain on the sand of San Lorenzo

The ship Castillo de Salas ran aground off the coast of Gijón on January 11, 1986. Four days later, it split in half, and although it began immediately to extract the fuel, the maneuvers did not prevent the ship from dumping 20,000 tons of coal, causing heavy pollution in the area. On February 23, five wineries loaded with some 28,000 tons of coal were towed to the high seas and sunk.


Source: politica.elpais.com