Large-Scale Operation After Shipwreck on the Danube

According to the police report, a Romanian cargo ship was heading for Austria at around 6 pm when it was hit by a cross-flow when entering the lock canal, according to the 54-year-old captain, and pressed against the separation pier of the lock canal near the Pfaffensteiner bridge. This caused a flooding. The ship spun after the collision and then drove about 1,000 meters to the mountain, where it moored in the area of ​​a private investor.

There, the water was penetrated by the fire department with submersible pumps. The Danube was therefore closed until about 21:00 hours in this area for shipping. Following the ship drove under its own power in the lock Vorbehafen Regensburg and made there under the Oberpfalzbrücke. Until the leak is sealed, the Water Management Office imposed a ban on driving.

The two fist-sized holes on the bow are expected to be repaired during the Monday by a specialist firm. The fire brigade deployed was withdrawn on Monday morning. The ship’s pumps now take over the pumping. The Danube was never contaminated by the ship accident.Dunav 3

The damage to the ship is estimated at about 20,000 euros. Luckily, the Danube was not contaminated by the ship accident.


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