Large Oil Spill for Attempted Robbery in Brazil

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A large oil spill in Rio de Janeiro was caused by fuel thieves who drilled an oil pipeline in Guanabara Bay, Brazilian authorities reported. The environmental police responded to the spill’s calls on Saturday afternoon.

On Monday they said they found signs of the theft, but not the suspects. The police said that this type of crime is unusual in the region.

In total, some 60,000 liters (15,850 gallons) spilled into the bay. Transpetro, a subsidiary of Petrobras state oil company, said that approximately 75% of the oil was recovered and only the traces remain. Guanabara Bay hosted several events during the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games.

Large Oil Spill for Attempted Robbery in Brazil

The bay was at the center of the controversy over the high levels of water pollution before the Games.


Source: 20Minutos