La Blas de Lezo Will Escort Juan Carlos I in his Deployment In Iraq

The F-103 will accompany the mega-ship from May

La Blas de Lezo (F-103) will escort and support Juan Carlos I during the deployment of this in Iraq within the Inherent Resolve operation. The Ferrolan frigate is scheduled to accompany the mega-ship from the beginning of next May when it is scheduled that both depart from the Rota naval base to begin the transit to Kuwait.

In this mission the Juan Carlos I will carry out the strategic projection of a helicopter unit (UHEL) of the Army, composed of three Chinook HT-17 and two Cougar HT-27. The mega-ship will be integrated into the coalition to provide heavy and medium-sized rotary wing capacities for the benefit of both Spanish forces and the rest of the countries. With this, “Spain responds to its commitment to cover the capacities of this type of transport required by the coalition,” reports from the Navy.

From Rota, the Juan Carlos I escorted by the Blas de Lezo will begin the transit to Kuwait, where it plans to arrive at the end of next month after crossing the Suez Canal, the Strait of Bab el Mandeb and the Strait of Hormuz in the Persian Gulf. Once in Kuwait, the UHEL will make the move to its base of operations in Taji, Iraq.

The Unit, prepared to operate in a combined and multinational environment, will act framed in one of the helicopter groups that form the Task Force Hurricane (US Army).

The assigned missions have a double scope of action: on the one hand, support for the coalition forces and, on the other, direct support to the national contingent, considerably improving the possibilities of transport and movement between the different detachments.

During the return transit, the naval group will carry out stopovers in the ports of Bombay and Alexandria to carry out Defense Diplomacy activities and boost the national industry.

370 military

Spain currently contributes around 370 Spanish soldiers to the international coalition created in 2014 with the aim of instructing the Iraqi Army in its fight against Daesh.

In Besmayah the training of the Iraqi Army is carried out by multinational teams with Spanish, US, Portuguese and British participation, while the instruction to the special operations groups is given in Baghdad and Taji.

The frigate F-101 Álvaro de Bazán set sail in the afternoon yesterday to join the NATO Permanent Naval Group number 1 (SNMG-1).

Thus, the ship will be deployed during the next three months, until mid-July, when it plans to return to Ferrol, after sailing waters of the North Sea, Baltic and the Atlantic Ocean. The first destination of the military ship is the city of Glasgow (Scotland), where it will begin its integration with other ships of the Atlantic Alliance, with which it will participate in various international exercises to maintain its level of training and collaborate in the objectives of NATO.


Among these exercises are the Joint Point Warrior-181, organized by the Royal Navy, the British Navy, in Scottish waters, which will be followed by the Baltops exercises, commanded by the US Navy, the North American Navy, in the waters of the Baltic, to end with the Dynamic Mongoose maneuvers, which will take place on the waters of the Atlantic, in the vicinity of Norway.

La Blas de Lezo will escort Juan Carlos I in his deployment in Iraq

The naval group SNMG-1, composed of frigates and logistic ships belonging to different countries, will visit during these three months ports of the United Kingdom, Morocco, Holland, Lithuania and Norway, as well as Spain. The Danish commodore Soren Thinggaard Larsen is currently in charge of this unit.


Source: La Voz de Galicia

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