Kiel: Ship Ramming Lock Gate in Holtenau

Around midnight, a 150-meter-long ship rammed the lock gate of the southern chamber of Holtenauer lock. The cause should be a technical defect. The water police have started the investigation.

According to the current state of investigation, the ship coming from the direction of Brunsbüttel wanted to enter the southern lock chamber in order to continue from there on its way into the fjord. This apparently failed the machine of the ship, whereupon the ship took up driving rather than slowing down. Also, the introduction of an emergency anchorage was not successful, so that the ship rammed the lock gate and partially broke.

During the day, divers should assess the damage caused to the lock and ship. A damage amount cannot be mentioned at this time. Nobody was harmed during the accident.

Ship ramming lock gate in Holtenau

Since the lock chamber is not passable until further notice, considerable backwater is to be expected for other ships that want to travel into the canal or out of the canal.


Source: Presse Portal