Kayakers Chase Seal to Save Her From Worrying Threat and Surprise Everyone on the Internet

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The Kayakers realized the terrible situation that the seal was going through and immediately went to help her.

Two kayakers chased a seal to remove a plastic ring around its neck. The dramatic video that went viral shows how the pair retained and battled the seal in Walvis Bay, Namibia.

You see how one of them first tries to stop him with his or, but the animal is too fast. Just when he was about to enter the sea, he manages to grab her by the tail.

With the help of his partner, the protagonist of YouTube’s viral video manages to remove the red ring that had stuck in his neck, which is also covered by fishing nets and after a few minutes manages to remove it.

At all times, the seal put up resistance and growled at her rescuers despite being helped to gather at sea with the rest of her pack. This dramatic rescue is also a wake-up call for us to stop polluting the planet.


Source: El Comercio