Jordan’s Education and Tourism Ministers Resign Over Floods Last Week

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The Ministers of Education and Tourism of Jordan, Azmi Mahafza and Lina Annab, respectively, have submitted their resignation on Thursday following the investigation into the death of 21 people, mostly children, because of a flood registered last week near the Dead Sea.

According to information collected by the Jordanian state news agency, Petra, the decision has been presented to the Prime Minister, Omar al Razaz, “in honour of the martyrs of the tragic incident.”

The investigation of a parliamentary committee has concluded that several ministries acted below the requirements in the context of the event. The Ministers of the Interior, Education, Health, Tourism, Water and Public Works have appeared before the committee.

The victims, including dozens of children and their teachers, who were hiking, were dragged on October 25 by the waters after torrential rains recorded in the previous hours.

Jordan's Education and Tourism Ministers Resign Over Floods Last Week

The flood swept its bus, which fell through a ravine. The authorities carried out an important rescue operation with helicopters and Army troops, tasks in which the Armed Forces of Israel collaborated.


Source: Europa Press