Javier Bardem Descends to the Bottom of the Antarctic Ocean to Ask for It’s Protection

Javier Bardem along with his brother Carlos Bardem and the rest of the expedition, in the historic icebreaker Arctic Sunsrise of Greenepeace.

The actor from Madrid Spain, descended to the bottom of the Antarctic Ocean in a scientific submarine of Greenpeace as participant in the campaign of the NGO to ask for the creation of a sanctuary of this remote area of ​​the planet. He did it a few days after the organization made public unpublished images of the ocean floor. In the image, the actor along with the pilot John Hocevar during the exploration on January 27.

After two hours of marine exploration 270 meters deep, near the Antarctic Peninsula, Javier Bardem revealed “the overwhelming variety of colors and life” that this ocean hides.

Greenpeace is carrying out a three-month expedition through the Antarctic Ocean to conduct a scientific investigation that includes submarine dives to the seabed and the taking of samples of contamination by plastics, with the aim of highlighting the urgent need to protect this area.

Javier Bardem sailed, along with his brother Carlos and the rest of the expedition, in the historic icebreaker Arctic Sunrise of Greenpeace. “As soon as we reached the seabed, I was overwhelmed by the incredible variety of colors and life that surrounded us, I am not a biologist, but finding a pink, yellow and green world of corals and sponges at the bottom of the Antarctic Ocean has been a Absolute surprise for me, “he said.

Javier Bardem dived next to the Greenpeace marine biologist John Hocevar, who was piloting the submarine. “It was a very relaxing experience, although I thought it would make me very nervous as we went down, it is really impressive to witness first-hand the scientific research that Greenpeace is carrying out here and I am very grateful to have been able to go down the submarine and with an authentic Antarctic biologist in the seat next to it! “commented the Madrid actor.

The scientist Hocevar explained that “being in a two-seater submarine with Javier Bardem has been great”. “Javier has been very relaxed all the time, especially considering that it was his first dive, he has been very impressed during the whole experience, so I have been too,” he said.

Javier Bardem for Greenpeace

Greenpeace recalled that the proposal for the creation of the Antarctic Ocean Sanctuary, which has emerged from the European Union and has been supported by the German Government, will be discussed at the next meeting of the Antarctic Ocean Commission in October 2018.


Source: El Pais