Japan Recovers from the Devastation of Typhoon Jebi

For 25 years that a typhoon (hurricane) so powerful did not hit the Japanese archipelago and it was the first time that the Meteorological Agency of Japan has cataloged it as “very strong”. Jebi left at least 11 people dead, 300 wounded and a lot of material damages such as key infrastructures destroyed facades and roofs and overturned vehicles.

The hurricane winds, of up to 210 kilometres per hour, left dozens of boats adrift, after losing their anchorage in the bay of Osaka, one of the most punished areas. One of them, the 2,591-tonne Houn Maru tanker, was embedded in the Kansai airport bridge, blocking the only land route connecting to the third airport in the country, leaving more than 5,000 people trapped.

The twenty-first typhoon that crosses Japan this season left 2.4 million homes without power, mostly in Osaka, while several assemblers, including the automobile giant Toyota Motor, which stopped work at 14 of its plants in the country, its subsidiary Daihatsu Motor or the Panasonic technology, which also temporarily closed several of its factories.

Japan Recovers from the Devastation of Typhoon Jebi

Meanwhile, in northern Japan, there was an earthquake measuring 6.6 on the Richter scale near the city of Sapporo, with no reported damage or casualties. (Pictured, a ship stranded on the Nishinomiya harbour breakwater).



Source: Cronica