Italy Bends, Italian Boat to Dock in Sicily with Rescued migrants

Italy states that its coastal ship Diciotti, which saved 177 immigrants, will now be docked in the Sicilian port of Catania after five days at sea.

However, the fate of migrants is still unclear: Italy insists that it will not allow them on its land.

More than 650,000 migrants, mostly refugees, have arrived in Italy since 2014.

Interior Minister Matteo Salvini has repeatedly stated that his country “will no longer be a refugee camp in Europe”. On Sunday, he said that if no one takes them to Italy, he will return 177 immigrants to Libya.

The European Commission stated that it was working on a decision on the exchange of immigrants aboard Diciotti throughout the EU.

Flows across the Mediterranean from Libya to Italy declined as the Libyan factions took decisive action against traffickers, and the EU strengthened the support of the Libyan coast guard.

But no country has even agreed to include some of them, and the EU can not force any of its states to do so.

The nearest state, Malta, says that immigrants refused to help because they wanted to go to Italy.

On Sunday, Transport Minister of Italy Danilo Toninelli said that a small island nation should be sanctioned for not saving them.


Source: LiveLeak