Italian Navy Selects Black Shark Advanced Submarine Torpedo U212A

The Italian Navy has selected Leonardo’s Black Shark Advanced (BSA) torpedoes for installation on board Todaro U212A submarines.

The new torpedoes are expected to significantly improve the Italian Navy’s (ASW) anti-submarine combat capability.

Leonardo also agreed to provide associated logistical support services as part of the agreement.

The Black Shark Advanced is an updated variant of the heavy Black Shark torpedo that has already been purchased by several countries in the world, including Chile, Indonesia, Malaysia, Portugal and Singapore.

The advanced version of the equipment incorporates a new section of energy production that can be optimized for both training and operational purposes.

Black Shark Advanced is integrated with a newly developed rechargeable battery that allows the torpedo to be launched up to 100 times when used during training activities.

In addition, the gun’s operational configuration includes a new battery for greater capacity and performance.

The Black Shark Advanced torpedo is designed to provide advanced performance and reduce lifecycle costs. Leonardo produces the weapon at his factory in Italy.

The U212 submarine was built by Fincantieri and was developed under an agreement between the Defense Ministries of Germany and Italy, which established a joint German-Italian submarine program.

Italian navy selects Black Shark Advanced submarine torpedo U212A

The 57.15 m long vessel has a surface displacement of 1,509 t and a submerged displacement of 1,720 t.



Source: Poder Naval