It Saddens Everyone! This is the Reaction of a Sea Lioness to See its Dead Baby 

The scene has left an indelible mark. The sad moment was recorded in California.

Are humans the only beings on this planet capable of understanding what death actually means? If your answer is affirmative, it would not hurt if you saw this video, where you can see the reaction of a sea lioness to the loss of its offspring.

As seen in the recording, shared by Andrea Else Hahn on his Facebook account, the mammal is found next to the corpse of his little one. The desperation of the animal shows the impotence of seeing its offspring without life.

“We, humans, tend to think that we are the only being that feels the loss of a son or daughter. This devastating video, which shows us a sea lioness that lost her baby, should be a wake-up call for all”, placed Andrea Else Hahn.

It was known that the calf was born prematurely and that is why it was very weak. In one way or another, the animal was going to perish very young. It should be noted, were ‘in solidarity’ with the sea lion.


Source: El Comercio