It Is Revealed How Russia Modernizes its Missiles ‘Submarine Killers’

The Techmash consortium, which is part of the Rostec state corporation, has modernized the Smerch 2 missile system using the anti-ship missiles of the Zapad complex, according to an official report from the company.

The 90R1 missiles of the Zapad RPK-8 system will be installed on the ships of projects 1124 and 1124M of the Black Sea Fleet. These projectiles are capable of eliminating enemy submarines and torpedoes, as well as saboteurs. The 90R1 has a range of up to 4,300 meters.

“Recently, Russian military vessels are increasingly operating in the most remote areas of the oceans and are usually escorted by foreign submarines, so it is necessary to continuously improve the fleet’s capabilities to deal with submersibles”, He explained to the media the industrial director of the conglomerate of weapons, ammunition and special chemical equipment of Rostec, Sergei Abrámov, quoted by Rossiyskaya Gazeta.”

He also underlined that in 2014, within the framework of the Navy’s rearmament program, the Russian Ministry of Defense ordered Rostec to resume the production of the 90R missile and begin mass production of the modernized version of the projectile.

For its part, the engineers of the Russian corporation modernized the ignition system of the engine and the fire control system of the missile, so that now it is also capable of attacking the submarines and torpedoes.

The submarine projectile has a maximum range of 1,000 meters and is equipped with a self-guided warhead equipped with a sonar. In the event of a missile collision with a submarine, more than 19 kilograms of explosive substance immediately penetrates the ship’s armor.

It Is Revealed How Russia Modernizes its Missiles 'Submarine Killers'

Between 2018 and 2020, Russia also plans to modernize the anti-submarine ships of the Pacific Fleet with the 90R1 missiles.