Israeli Navy Seizes Ship With Palestinian Protesters

The navy of Israel seizes, off the coast of the Gaza Strip, a boat with 17 Palestinian activists protesting the blockade of the enclave.

“Israeli forces surrounded and intercepted” preventing navigation, said Salah Abdul Atti, one of the organizers, on Tuesday to the French news agency AFP.

The details of the operation are not clear at the moment, although according to the organizers, the ship was heading to the port of Ashdod, near Gaza.

The organizers of the protest have said that many boats participated in the same, among which also highlighted the one named Al-Hurriyah (freedom, in Arabic), which transported 35 Gazans, including injured in the protests, students and residents of the enclave, who wanted to leave the Gaza Strip and get to Cyprus.

The protest action was organized by the Commission of the “Great Return March” and is part of the mobilizations that began on March 30, with weekly demonstrations along the border with the territories occupied by Israel.


In a festive atmosphere in the port of Gaza, from the early hours of the morning of today, the travelers gathered, some with crutches, others with travel bags, with the presence of school musical bands and the general public. He was called by the organizing committee.

On the stage, decorated with flags of countries of the region and with slogans with appeals to the international community, the organizers talked and invited the stage to the travelers.

“The travelers are peaceful people and they are unarmed”, the organizers assured, explaining that the objective of the protest is to oppose the 11 years of Israeli blockade. “We do not want more deaths, no more wars, but the occupation ends, and today’s event is a message for the world,” they indicated.

Some of those who climbed the main ship have said goodbye to their relatives with tears and hugs.

The Gaza Strip has experienced moments of high tension for almost two weeks, specifically since the protests of the Great Return March were brutally repressed by the Israelis on May 14, the day in which the United States, despite the worldwide condemnation, moved his embassy to Al-Quds (Jerusalem).

More than 120 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli fire and some 12,000 have been shot and wounded in protests that have been taking place since last March 30 near the border fence between Gaza and the Palestinian territories.


Source: Hispantv