Israel Builds Submarine Wall on Gaza Border

The Ministry of Defense of Israel announces the start of work to direct an underwater wall in the maritime delimitation with the Gaza Strip, in order to ‘prevent infiltrations’.

Israel began today the construction of a submarine barrier in the maritime delimitation with the Gaza Strip in order to “prevent infiltrations,” the Ministry of Defense announced.

This action will frustrate the objectives of Hamas, which will lose another strategic capacity and huge amounts of money, “said the head of Defense, Avigdor Lieberman, on the control of the Islamist movement in the coastal enclave, and who is responsible for incursions into Israeli territory…

The barrier, “a type of waterproof pier unique in the world,” will consist of three layers, including one below sea level, and will be complete within a year, according to an official statement.

The objective of establishing this obstacle is to prevent “infiltrations”, such as those that occurred during the 2014 Israeli military operation on the coastal enclave, when a group of Hamas managed to swim to the Israeli coast.

“The new response to the security threat was designed to withstand sea conditions and serve the defence establishment for years,” the statement said.

Lieberman warned that Israel will continue to “defend the Israeli citizens with strength and sophistication.”


The Israeli authorities are also building an underground barrier on the land border with Gaza to neutralize the infiltration tunnels of the Palestinian armed militias, which was the reason why Israel launched the Margin Protector military operation in 2014.

Israel Builds Submarine Wall on Gaza Border

The so-called ‘Obstacle’ project consists of a 65-kilometre-long wall and is equipped with electronic sensors to detect any drilling attempts.

Israel maintains a blockade of the Gaza Strip since 2007, when Hamas, considered a terrorist organization by Israel, the European Union, the United States and other countries, took control of the coastal enclave.


Source: Excelsior