The Investigation Revealed Three Possible Causes of the Disappearance of the Vostok Ship in The Sea of ​​Japan

Investigators are considering three versions of the incident with the Vostok ship, which disappeared on January 25 in the Sea of ​​Japan.

“The investigation considers three versions of the incident: violation of navigation rules, technical malfunction of the vessel and weather conditions,” said Daria Nemtseva, senior assistant to the Far Eastern Investigation Department for Transport (DFMS) of the Russian Defense Ministry, to Interfax. She added that objective data on storm weather in the supposed location of the vessel at the time of emergency beacon operation were obtained.

The search for the missing sailors and the vessel continues. The investigation follows the course of the search operation, the investigators will inspect the objects discovered by the search vessels in the sea.

As reported, the fishing vessel “Vostok”, on board which were 20 sailors, gave a distress signal on January 25 near the southern coast of Primorye. After that, the ship ceased to communicate. A search and rescue operation was launched. In the proposed area of ​​the wreck, it was possible to find only a few lifejackets and two empty rafts.

On Monday, the coordinator of the search and rescue operation decided to end the active phase of the operation because of the lack of hope to find people alive. The search will continue in the area of ​​the court. In addition, January 30 in the regional head of the Ministry of Emergency Situations said that in search of two days more, the participation of planes of the Ministry of Emergency Situations is planned.

Vostok Ship

In connection with the loss of communication with the vessel “Vostok” in the Sea of ​​Japan, a criminal case was initiated under the article “violation of safety rules for the movement and operation of maritime transport, which caused the death of two or more persons through negligence”.


Source: Maritime News of Russia


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