The Inventor of the Submarine Accused of Homicide Sent Messages Describing the Murder Days Before

Peter Madsen, the Danish inventor accused of the murder of journalist Kim Wall, sent days before committing the crime of which he is accused of texting his partner, in which he described the murder in detail. Madsen’s messages will become a vital part of the investigation.

In the middle of the month of August of 2017, Wall approached the submarine of Peter Madsen to write an article on the matter. After all, this was the world’s largest private manufacturing submarine. The submarine sank and Madsen had to be rescued, but there were no signs of Wall. Days later, dismembered parts of the journalist began to appear and the police discovered that she had been tortured and sexually abused.

Madsen has been charged with murder and the prosecution seeks a life sentence. The investigation is currently underway, and according to a detailed article by Wired , the text messages that the inventor sent to his then partner have come to light. The woman says that days before she asked Madsen to threaten her to motivate her to finish a project of her work, and he sent threatening details that turned out to be very similar to Wall’s murder. According to the article:

Our conversation started as a typical sexual message exchange, but then changed to something more intense. She [Madsen’s ex-partner] read me the messages, translating them into English:

“In the messages [Madsen] he told me that he had a plan to commit a homicide on the submarine, and I told him that he was not afraid of it, that he had to be more threatening. Then he told me about the tools he was going to use and I said, ‘Oh, that’s not that threatening either.’ Then he told me that he also considered inviting someone else to the submarine to participate and help him cut it into pieces. ”

Peter Madsen and his submarine in 2008

The ex-partner of the defendant also mentioned that at that time he did not give much importance to the conversation, nor did he take it seriously. Then they exchanged funny videos of horses and continued talking as if nothing. After discovering the remains of Wall and Madsen being accused of murder, the Danish police interviewed her and she revealed the text messages, which are now a key element in the prosecution investigation.


Source: Gizmodo