Indian Forest Officials Save Elephant Stranded in Overflowing River

This is the moment when the elephant is trapped on a rock in the middle of the river, and the water level continues to rise every minute.

Fortunately, for this elephant, officials quickly reacted and closed the release of water, saving the life of the giant.

The incident occurred in Kerala, India, due to heavy rains that caused floods and landslides.

When officials opened the shutters of the nearby Perhingalkutu dam, when the water level began to grow rapidly, an elephant without ivory tried to cross the Chalakuda River.

When the elephant reaches the center of the river, the fast-moving current does not allow to move further. Elephants found smooth stones and found a shelter in them.

Some guards on duty warned their predecessors that the engineers responsible for the dam stopped producing water to make the elephant go away.

“After the request was made, the engineers at the Perinkalkutu Dam lowered the shutters of the dam for 30 minutes to lower the water level and the speed of the flow across the river,” said Vazhachalsky District Forest Officer S V Vinod.

When the water level falls, the elephant disappears through the river and disappears into the forest.


Source: LiveLeak