Incredible Video of F-35B Landing in the Middle of the Ocean in an Aircraft Carrier

The aircraft landed on the US vessel on March 4. The military of the country considered the test as a milestone in the field of air combat, as explained by the media Stars and Stripes.

The military stressed that fifth generation poaching would significantly improve the military capabilities of the country’s army thanks to its versatility.

The stealth planes are intended both to carry out precise continental attacks, as well as to participate in Navy battles.

After the tests the F-35B together with some 2,300 Marines will deploy in the warships to carry out operations in the Indo-Pacific region, according to the representatives of the US Navy.

Earlier it was reported that attempts by the manufacturer of the F-35 fighters, the Lockheed Martin company, to improve the maintenance process of the aircraft and the logistics service for the spare parts are “stagnant”.

In particular, the operational availability of the fighters, “a key feature”, is around 50%, and this figure remained intact since October 2014, despite the increase in the aircraft fleet.


Source: Mundo Sputnik News