Incredible Images of Natural Disaster, Destroying Everything in it’s Way (VIDEO)

Two Tornadoes Shake Huelva and Cádiz . Yesterday during the afternoon and evening the cumulonimbos unloaded heavy rains, hailstorms and even two tornadoes in Huelva and Cádiz. The whirlwinds have left many material damages and none personal.

During the day yesterday, the clouds continued to march from west to east unloading storms and showers in many points of the Iberian Peninsula, especially in the southwest quadrant. As of noon, the convective nuclei, some of them vigorous, lined the Gulf of Cádiz with strong gusts of wind, hail and numerous electric shocks. On its brownish bases, clouds of up to 10 kilometers high were available with the potential to leave severe phenomena. And they did not wait.

In the afternoon, between a network of cumulonimbus trees, a powerful tornado was unloaded in the province of Huelva. The spiral of wind caused damage in urban furniture, in some buildings and even, according to the newspaper ABC, an accident on the A-49 at the height of Huelva capital. A metal plate lifted by the gale fell on some of the vehicles that passed through the highway.

Emergencies 112 around 18 hours received the first calls of the multiple damages caused by the hurricane wind. Soon after, social networks gave graphic testimony of the phenomenon: a gray cone came down from the clouds shaking everything in its path. From industrial buildings to high voltage towers. The tornado affected the towns of Ayamonte, Lepe, Isla Cristina, Punta Umbria and Trigueros, as well as the capital.

Fall the night, shortly before the 21 hours, a marine sleeve left the Atlantic to enter Puerto Sherry, in Cádiz. The whirlwind, turned into another tornado to land, ran aground several ships, destroyed several terraces and came to stack a few cars that lay parked in the sports area. The vortex traveled several hundred meters, affecting some urbanizations. Fortunately, the phenomenon has left no personal damage, only material damage.

A first analysis published in SINOBAS by a witness, gives the phenomenon gusts of 130 kilometers per hour that, in addition, came accompanied by an abundant hail. The Cadiz Observatory of Grazalema yesterday accumulated about 84mm and Vejer de la Frontera, in the southern pre-littoral of the same province, was planted at 45mm