The Increase in Murders is Due to Stopping Boats with Fuel: Says Astudillo

The increase in murders has its origin in the arrests of boats in the sea with gasoline by the Navy, said Governor Hector Astudillo Flores. He said in a collective interview that the “collective action of murders” is because some victims were involved and others in the competition. “The issue of drug trafficking often leads to murders,” he said. He recalled that recently there was “a significant number of deaths in Acapulco, killed”, which, he said, have to do with “a series of events that occurred at sea, with the detention of several boats, with 5 thousand liters of gasoline that they stopped, a boat with cocaine, and that unleashed a fight here and we would say collective action of murders “.

The majority of those crimes, he said, have to do with these seizure actions made by La Marina personnel on the Acapulco coasts, because “they are intertwined, and some go in the competition and some are also events that, of course, have to to do an investigation, but also it is necessary to say it with all clarity, the subject of the drug trafficking in many occasions pushes murders “.

The state leader inaugurated yesterday two streets next to Costera Avenue, Hernán Cortés and Israel, and then another road in the town of Metlapil that will communicate this population with the community Nicolás Bravo, in the communal property of Cacahuatepec.

The issue of violence, he said, “is an issue that needs to be faced every day. Many things are related to other things much more, we would say, stronger. The murders are linked most of them with issues that have to do, I’ll say with all their words, drug trafficking.

The C5 is already raised, but it would only be for Acapulco 

On the other hand, the president was also questioned about the possibility of installing a C5 in Guerrero, and then informed that the project is already presented to the Ministry of the Interior in the hope that it can start to start. He indicated that it would not be a C5 for the entire state, as had originally been thought, because there are no conditions to install it, for example, in La Montaña or in the Sierra, so it will only be applied to the port and places close to it.


“Then you have to make an approach that can be useful for Acapulco, because the indicator says that half of the murders are in Acapulco. Because if there are six (murders), in a daily average, then the daily count indicates that there are three in Acapulco, then we would have to do something of greater height of technology to try to collaborate so that a series of events that we regret a lot is diminished”.


Source: La Jornada Guerrero