In Video | Seize 45 Kilos of Cocaine in Two Boats in the Port of Barranquilla

In a first operation, they found 41 kilos camouflaged at the helm of the ship. In another fell 4 kilos that had the shape of shoe soles hidden in ropes.

Personnel of the Counternarcotics Directorate of the National Police gave a hard blow against the drug trafficking organizations, after operations completed in two vessels that were in the maritime port of Barranquilla.

In the first operation, an anonymous call to line 167 alerted the authorities about a suspicious cargo inside a ship, when inspecting units of Antinarcotics managed to find 41 kilos of cocaine hidden in the helm of the ship that was destined for the Dominican Republic.

In the second operation performed in the bow area next to the starboard of the vessel, police units were able to find 4 kilos of cocaine camouflaged in ropes. The alkaloid had the shape of shoe soles and had as destination the city of Cartagena.

Cocaine had an approximate cost of 240 million pesos.

In the videos provided by the authorities the support of dogs in the service of the Antinarcotics Police looking for the cache inside the boats is observed.

According to the official balance, so far this year the Directorate of Counternarcotics has seized 139.9 tons of cocaine throughout the country.

“The anti-narcotics police advance a permanent and constant work in the fight against drug trafficking, their commitment and dedication leads them to discover new methods used to hide the caches of drugs, the expertise and professionalism allows them to significantly affect the finances of these drug trafficking organizations who profit from their only source of income through the trafficking of hallucinogenic substances, “said the Director of Antinarcotics Brigadier General Fabián Laurence Cárdenas Leonel.

For the authorities, these results are part of the national offensive against organized crime, contemplated in the process of Modernization and Institutional Transformation (MTI) of the National Police, an institution that daily works “For a Safe and Peaceful Colombia”.


Source: El Heraldo