In The Last Decade, Along This Coast, 14 Feet, With No Body in Sight Have Appeared

One by one the feet have come floating to the shore, inside tennis shoes and without a body in sight, on the coast of the province of British Columbia, in Canada. This weekend the 14th foot appeared in the last decade, according to  The New York Times.

Now he was found by a man walking on the beach, on the island of Gabriola. In this case, for the first time, the foot was inside a boot instead of running shoes. As in the previous 13 occasions, it is not known why the feet continue to reach that coast, nor where the rest of the remains were left.

Since 2007 the feet have appeared with chilling regularity, causing a lot of speculation, from the possibility of a serial killer, acts of the mafia or that could be the parts of people victims of a plane or ship accident.

The case has even caused some people to seek to deceive the authorities through shoes stuffed with animal bones.

But the Canadian authorities insist that in all the previous times it was demonstrated that there was no evidence of criminal actions, according to a spokesman for the British Columbia Forensic Service, Andy Watson. Each time the disembodied feet have been attributed to people who had died by suicide, or in an accident at sea, falling into the water or being dragged by a wave.

According to Watson, the separation between the feet and the bodies probably occurs by a natural process: the sea separates the parts of the body and the shoes are those that not only preserve the feet but make them float, thanks to the strong currents of the region, to the shore.

So far 9 of the feet have been identified, two of them from the same person.

tennis shoes and without a body in sight, on the coast of the province of British Columbia,

In 2012, it was identified that one of the feet belonged to a man who had drowned while fishing, 25 years ago.

Last December, foot number 13 was identified by DNA technology. The remains belonged to a man of 79 years, originally from the state of Washington, in the United States, who had disappeared months ago when leaving his home without his medicine.



Source: Telemundo