In the Harbor of Swans Sector, They Rescue a Baby Elephant Seal

On April 28, in the Costanera sector of Puerto Cisnes, local inhabitants reported the sighting of a Marine Elephant Seal (Mirounga leonina), which was located in the Nuevo Reino Sur beach sector. Personnel of the Captaincy of Puerto de Cisnes made the coordination with SERNAPESCA, object to carry out the evaluation and rescue of the marine mammal, being protected and protected by the Maritime Authority.

Puerto Cisnes.- The rescue could be carried out during the morning of Monday, April 30, for which there was a cage properly conditioned for the size of the animal, capturing it without any inconvenience and then being transferred to a safe place. far from the human presence. It should be noted that the mammal did not show signs of human violence and showed an excellent state of health.

Before the sighting of marine mammals “Pinnipedos” (Sea Lions / Seals), they are only considered stranded when they are trapped by meshes or hooks since these species perform these activities on the coast to rest, change their fur, mate, give birth and breastfeed their young.

In the Harbor of Swans Sector, They Rescue a Baby Elephant Seal
This Maritime Authority advises:
1. Do not touch the Animal, because being in a stress condition can bite.
2. Do not disturb it, when approaching many people it increases the tension of the animal, remembering that it is part of its habitual behaviour to settle on the edges to rest or change the skin.
3. Do not try to return it to the sea, because it is resting and reintegrating it could not recover its strength.
4. Establish a security perimeter around the animal, in order to prevent curious people from approaching.
5. – The handling of these mammals must be done by trained personnel and with elements that do not cause harm.
This Maritime Authority calls on the community to report this type of unusual sightings, to the corresponding institutions such as the Chilean Navy and the National Fisheries Service.