In Seized Transnational Operations More than Five Tons of Cocaine Confiscated

The National Police, and in compliance with international cooperation treaties, executed in coordination with the Office of the Attorney General of the Nation, the Anti-Drug Agency (DEA), the Office for International Cooperation of France (DCI), the Colombian Air Force and authorities of Central and South America, the materialization of actions against transnational organized crime that allowed to intervene routes, vessels and crew of the same, advancing joint operations that resulted in the confiscation of 5,408 kilograms of cocaine, merchandise valued at $29,000,000,000 pesos and the capture of seventeen people.

The effective exchange of information with the Central American authorities and the United States Coast Guard allowed the seizure of two semi-submersible vessels on the coasts of Guatemala with 2,500 kilograms of cocaine hydrochloride, according to the technical controls, information was obtained that said artisanal vessels They were dispatched from ports in Candelillas, a border area between Colombia and the neighboring country of Ecuador, to Central America.

According to the investigation carried out under the direction of the Specialized Prosecutor’s Office against Drug Trafficking, the cache would belong to a criminal structure that has satellite tracking systems and special logistics personnel. The ships are dispatched from the south of the Colombian Pacific, with an Ecuadorian crew as a strategy to avoid the identification of the members of the drug trafficking structure.

Simultaneously on Panamanian coasts and with the support of the Panama Aeronaval Service, the seizure of 881 kilograms of cocaine hydrochloride was obtained, which were found inside a go fast speedboat; Six (06) citizens of Colombian nationality were detained by the authorities.

In Ecuador, a tractor-trailer with a low bed platform was intercepted when it was travelling on Pan-American Highway E35 in the Machachi-Quito direction. On inspection, a cove containing 1734 kilograms of cocaine hydrochloride was found on the floor of the platform; During the operation, seven (07) citizens of Ecuadorian nationality and three (03) citizens of Colombian nationality were captured.

On the other hand, on the national road in the vicinity of the municipality of Honda in the department of Tolima, it was possible to stop a tractor truck, type tanker, which transported inside the tank molasses cane, to inspect the tank was found by the authorities a hydraulic type cove, which contained in its interior 293 kilograms of cocaine hydrochloride.

According to the investigation, this substance was delivered in the vicinity of the city of Ibague and had as its final destination, the Atlantic coast, more exactly the Alta Guajira, where it would later be taken in a go-fast boat to the high seas with which they intended to contaminate a fishing vessel and later it would be sent to the European port of Rotterdam.

In Seized Transnational Operations More than Five Tons of Cocaine

As a result of the operation, the person known as “Edward” was captured. He was a transporter and was a member of a criminal drug trafficking organization that has interference in the department of Tolima, developing his illegal activities for the benefit of the Clan of the Gulf.


Source: HSB Noticias