In Neglect: Venezuela “The Oil Country” with Large Gasoline Spills 

Venezuela, the oil country, has problems with gasoline and other derivatives of black gold. The shortage of fuel in different parts of the country has increased the contraband of the same, individuals accomplices with the workers of the service stations.

This is compounded by negligence in the way the main oil company is handled, and now there is also a shortage of gasoline in the country and the government, which controls the country’s main oil company, denies the matter and asks the town “wait for it to normalize”.

Before this the former governor of the state Miranda, Henrique Capriles showed through his account on the social network Twitter a video where there is evidence of an oil spill in Venezuela, “This is how oil spills in some states of our Venezuela, the wealth of our land it is lost by the apathy of those who govern. The situation that today was one of the main oil companies in the world has never been seen, we demand a response to PDVSA “, is the text that accompanies the audiovisual.

Although Venezuela, besides being an oil company and considered “the richest”, has a deficit in the supply of fuel since 2016, and for now, Nicolás Maduro and no one has issued any information in this regard to clarify the causes of the failures in the supply in a large part of the national territory.

In the neglect Venezuela the oil country with large spills

This situation becomes customary a beaten Venezuela.


Source: Venezuela al Dia