In Colombia 122 Kilos of Cocaine Seized in Boxes of Baby Diapers

The Colombian authorities seized 122 kilograms of cocaine that had been hidden in 100 boxes of baby diapers that were apparently going to be sent to Guatemala through the port of Cartagena.

The drug cache was discovered thanks to the action of Colombian police anti-drug agents who inspected the shipment with scanners after one of the police dogs marked the shipment as a suspect.

According to the authorities, the shipment of diapers came from the Colombian department of Cauca and was ready to be loaded on a ship bound for Guatemala.

The packs of diapers were implanted with a mint-scented substance, used to cure certain physical injuries such as dislocations and bruises, and was applied there to try to make police dogs more difficult to sniff cocaine, according to reports from Excelsior ‘.

They Seize in Colombia 122 Kilos of Coca in Boxes of Diapers for Babies

During this operation the police could not arrest anyone as allegedly responsible for this shipment of drugs and the investigation is now focused on trying to find those responsible.



Source: Notimerica