In Baja15 People Rescued After Being Stranded in the Ocean off the Coast of Playas de Rosarito

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Elements of the Coast Guard of Mexico and the United States rescued a group of fifteen people who were adrift in the ocean on Saturday night, off the coast of Playas de Rosarito.

Through a statement, the Navy-Navy Secretariat of Mexico (Semar) reported that as Coast Guard, the staff of the Naval Search, Rescue and Maritime Vigilance Station of Ensenada, assisted thirteen people who were left floating in the sea.

Two other people were transferred by helicopter from the US Coast Guard to San Diego, while yesterday afternoon four others were missing.

According to the report, the vessel caught fire at 17 nautical miles (9 kilometres approximately) northwest of Playas de Rosarito.

The Semar reported that the US Coast Guard alerted the Command and Control Room about a panga-type vessel was burning with 19 people on board.

At the time of the report, details the dependence, people were already at sea by the abandonment of the boat, so that the Regional Search and Rescue System was activated immediately.

A Defender-class vessel and an MLB left Ensenada to search for the 19 people and provide the requested support.

When arriving at the point, fifteen people had been located and helped by boats of the United States Coast Guard (USCG), two of them were transported aboard a helicopter of that corporation to a hospital in San Diego, California for their attention medical due to the burns suffered.

The remaining thirteen people were transferred aboard the MLB to those of the Second Naval Region for medical attention by Naval personnel.

Naval personnel was yesterday performing search and rescue tasks through an Interceptor Patrol and a Defender in the vicinity of Playas de Rosarito.

According to the FOX 5 channel in San Diego, California, the vessel called “Time Machine”, in which the incident was recorded, measures around 13 meters in length.

In Baja 15 People Rescued After Being Stranded in the Ocean off the Coast of Playas de Rosarito

15 People were rescued from a burning ship on the coast of Playas de Rosarito.

4 People remain missing, according to the Ministry of the Navy

2 People were taken with severe burns aboard a helicopter to San Diego

13 People were transferred aboard a boat from Semar to Ensenada


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