Image Captured of Strange Brain-Shaped Species in the United States

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You can see a strange creature that has captured the attention of thousands of users and has gone viral in a couple of hours.

Seen in a sewer in the city of Houston, Texas, USA. It turns out that the image shows a strange species never before seen whose shape was similar to that of a brain. The images have generated panic in all social networks.

This incident occurred on November 20, on a street in Houston, when a man walked to work and ran into this slimy and amorphous creature.

According to the witness, he took out his cell phone when he realized that a strange amorphous creature, which he thought would be of extraterrestrial origin, left the sewer, moving slowly.

“I’m 32 years old and I’ve never seen anything like this, I almost decided to kill it, it was a throbbing mass with a flow of tissue at every moment, it was repulsive to a very deep extent”.

Images Captured of Strange Brain-Shaped Species in the United States

Although the creature caught the attention of the netizens, since thousands thought it was of extraterrestrial origin, the truth is that it is a colony of tubifex worms, organisms that form amorphous masses to coexist together.

Although this creature is not from another planet, it is rare that it is on the surface, since it usually lives in dark places, such as the bottom of the sewers.


Source: La Republica