Hurricane Florence Reduces Its Intensity But Not Its Destructive Power

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Hurricane Florence continues to drop category, but not dangerous, while hundreds of thousands of people try to get away from the coasts of the two Carolinas and Virginia.

In less than 24 hours, Florence has dropped from category 4 to category 2. However, the authorities have made it clear that they have to evacuate because their destructive potential remains intact.

“The time to leave is running out, there will come a time when it will be too late and the rescue teams will not be able to come because they will also have to take refuge,” warned South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster.

The hurricane, whose strength has been compared to a direct hit by Mike Tyson, advances with maximum sustained winds of 175 kilometres per hour. But the danger comes not so much from the wind as from the storm surges, which could raise the sea level to 4 meters in some points and flood the coast.

About one million seven hundred thousand people have been ordered to evacuate on the coast of North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia. An order that many families, like Scott’s, have decided to ignore.

“We have prepared everything,” he says, “to have enough food, water, batteries, radio, first-aid supplies, and everything we need to be safe.”

Hurricane Florence Reduces Its Intensity But Not Its Destructive Power

An intense wave, as well as heavy rains, will announce on Thursday on the coast of Las Carolinas, the arrival of Florence. It is expected that the hurricane moves on or near the coastline during the night of Thursday through Friday.


Source: ES Euro News