How Many Ships Are Built In The World?

How Many Ships Are Built In the World, and of what type? What is its cost? How Much Does it cost to scrap it and where?

In which Spanish shipyard are more ships built? or how many are built in total in our country?

Do you wonder what will be the Spanish Port with the most Maritme traffic?

The port with the highest cruise traffic in Spain is Las Palmas, while the largest container is Algeciras. Bahía de Algeciras is also the busiest in liquid bulk traffic, however this last month, it has been concentrated in Huelva. Gijón is the one that receives the highest percentage of solid bulks.

Spain is Las Palmas

The United Kingdom has the largest offshore wind capacity in the world, followed by Germany, Denmark and the Netherlands.

The shipyard with the largest order book in the world, in Mcgt, is Daewoo (DSME), in South Korea, with 5.4 Mcgt and 77 vessels. However, in number of units being built, the Chinese shipyard Jiangsu New YZJ is the first on the list, with 107 ships (but 2.1 Mcgt).

Do you know who has the largest portfolio in our country? Well, in Spain, currently, Astilleros Armón is the one that is building the largest number of ships.



Source: Sector Maritimo