How Long Does it Take for a Boat to Disappear with More Than a Thousand Tons of Pure Iron?

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– There are too many boats that are abandoned at the mercy of weather and climate along the coastline of Route 9 South, a feature that, apparently, becomes “natural” with the landscape of the area.

Metal is one of the elements that take longer to disintegrate, as it does it through a natural oxidation process. If we talk about a metal that is part of a can of drink, it can take around 30 years to disappear. In the case of an iron construction rod, it is estimated that it may cease to exist in a period of 200 to 500 years. That said: How long does it take for a boat to disappear with more than a thousand tons of pure iron?

On Route 9 South, in the sector of Leñadura, specifically passing the Río de Los Ciervos bridge, three boats appear along the coast. How long have these structures been in that place, which presently has an obvious state of abandonment? The issue worries due to the large number of years in which these ships take time to disappear.

In this regard, the professor and marine biologist at the University of Magallanes, Iván Cañete, said that “over time, these structures would be transformed into scrap metal and the remains that remain, or they will be dispersed in the area generating in this way a whole problematic that it would have to be taken care of in the future, or else they are used for another purpose “.

On the responsibilities that exist   around this, he said: “I understand that the Navy is the one that must take charge.”

However, for the marine biologist of the same house of higher studies, Tania Figueroa, these structures that are in the abandonment allow the growth of exclusive marine fauna. “This, clearly, would not happen if these vessels did not exist. However, that does not mean that it is good to leave these objects stranded there since they do not belong to the natural ecosystem and, basically, what they are doing is contaminating, “he said.

Since the Environment Seremi indicated that they are not responsible for supervising or taking over the operations of the removal of these boats, but they expressed their concern about the issue and indicated that something must be done about it.

Meanwhile, the mayor of the city of Punta Arenas, Claudio Radonich, reported that the responsibility for removing these rusty boats is exclusively from the Chilean Navy and not from the municipality.


Consulted on this, the Captain of the Port of the Chilean Navy, Carlos Cerda, said: “Fortunately, a couple of months ago, a person from Santiago contacted us who is interested in acquiring these remains to remove them from the zone”.

He also recognized a delay in the implementation of this project. “Yes, there is a delay, but this last one is due to the climatic conditions that exist in the region and that prevent a safe workplace to the personnel of the Navy. We want to come a more calm time, such as summer, to start to dedicate ourselves to this. But, yes, there is indeed a retirement plan, only that it has not been started yet, “he said.

How Long Does it Take for a Boat to Disappear with More Than a Thousand Tons of Pure Iron?

Carlos Cerda also informed that, once a boat runs aground, the owner is the person in charge of it and that if at some point the naval structure presents difficulties, such as the leakage of polluting material, they are fined and helped to contain the situation.

The final questions are: How much longer are these boats in the place ? Will have to appear another boat adrift so that we just begin to realize this situation? It only remains to wait and see how the naval authorities and society behave in this regard.



Source: La Prensa Austral