How Cranes Are Installed On a Crane Ship – Video

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The largest crane ship in the world, Sleipnir, has already installed its two 10,000 t cranes, we share with you the video of the installation process.

Huisman Equipment has just installed the two TMC (tub mounted cranes) cranes with a capacity of 10,000 teach on the Sleipnir crane vessel.

The new crane vessel designed by Heerema is a semi-submersible unit whose construction is being carried out at Sembcorp Marine, Singapore.

Sleipnir has been designed to perform heavy lifting functions and to operate worldwide.

With a reinforced deck, it has a length of 220 m and a sleeve of 102 m that make this unit the largest crane ship in the world today.

The two cranes provide a lifting capacity to install and uninstall jackets and topsides, as well as the installation of foundations, anchorages and structures in great depths. This vessel is self-propelled, with a minimum service speed of 10 km using dual motors MGO and LNG.

In the bow, 4 retractable fixed-pitch azimuth propellers of 5.5 MW each will be installed, and in the stern four fixed-pitch azimuth helices of 5.5 MW each.

The maintenance of the position is done by DP3 dynamic positioning or anchoring system. It will be classified by Lloyd’s Register and will comply with Tier III requirements.

The rating can accommodate 400 people and has a heliport of 28 m in diameter with a load capacity of 15.6 t. This vessel will enter service in 2019.


Source: Sector Maritimo