Homenajearán Victims of a Submarine Republican Sunk by the Nazis

The ship went down in the early stages of the Civil War.

The plenary session of the Rincón de la Victoria City Council unanimously approved to pay homage to the victims of the Republican submarine C3, torpedoed by the Nazis in December 1936, while carrying out surveillance work on the Bay of Malaga. The socialist spokeswoman, Encarnación Anaya, explained today in a statement that, after the attack of the German submarine U34, only three of the 37 sailors who were aboard the Republican ship managed to save themselves.

Anaya has pointed out that, in 1996, Málaga lawyer Antonio Checalocated the remains of the submersible 68 meters deep and about 3.9 miles south of the port of El Candado de Málaga.

The rise of diesel bubbles to the surface caught the attention of Checa, who, thanks to his work of research and perseverance, was able to make known a sad and unknown episode of our recent history that occurred in front of our coasts and that is of justice to remember, “he said.

The Association of Relatives of the Victims of the C3 , based in Cartagena, where 90 percent of those killed in the attack of the Nazi submarine came from , was created in 2002 with the intention of recovering the bodies, burying them and refloating the wreck , a question that, despite repeated attempts, “has not yet been achieved”.

For his part, the Socialist councillor and mayoral candidate, Antonio Sanchez, recalled that, in 1998, the auxiliary ship of the Navy “Red Sea” was presented in the area and its divers and those of the Diving Unit of the Strait certified that the wreck was indeed the C3.

“Sadly today, twenty-two years after its discovery and 82 of the sinking, 34 crew members remain at the bottom of the sea between La Cala del Moral and Málaga, and for this reason it is important to remind the Ministry of Defense of the need to recover the bodies and refloating the submarine, “Sánchez insisted.

On December 12, the day of the sinking, a wreath will be held in memory of the victims and a plaque will be placed to remember this fact of the recent history of Spain “and never to fall into oblivion again”.

Homenajearán Victims of a Submarine Republican Sunk by the Nazis

In 2007, the director José Antonio Hergueta presented at the Malaga Film Festival the documentary ” Operation Úrsula “, which tells the story of the collapse of the C3 by the Nazis.



Source: ABC Cultura