His Name Was Alan and He Was Three Years Old

Syria Special: In 2015 he became an icon of the Syrian conflict when he was found dead along with his brother and his mother, with whom he escaped to Greece.

The story was told by Nilufer Demir, who took pictures in September 2015 to chart the humanitarian crisis in the Middle East.

The Turkish photographer took pictures near Bodrum, on the southwest coast of Turkey, where some migrants arrive escaping the Syrian civil war. There he met the dead body of Alan Kurdi, face down on the sand and with his arms outstretched.

“I had to take that picture and I did not doubt it,” the reporter told DHA, the agency where she works.

“The only thing he could do was that the world would hear his scream,” he added.

Alan was part of a group of almost thirty Syrians trying to reach Greece.

According to agencies, at least 12 of them drowned off the coast of Turkey when the small boat that transported them sank.

One of the dead was Alan, a small Syrian boy of three who died with his brother Galip, five, and his mother, Rihan.

According to the Turkish Coast Guard, the migrants sailed from the Turkish peninsula of Bodrum to the Greek island of Kos, when two small boats in which they were travelling sank shortly after the start of the game.

Although the majority managed to overcome the accident, five of the twelve corpses found were children, while another fifteen people managed to survive thanks to the use of life jackets.

Syrian civil war There he met the dead body of Alan Kurdi

The Turkish agency Dogan reported that Alan and the rest of the shipwrecked were Syrians from the besieged city of Kobane, who fled to Turkey in 2014 escaping Islamic State militias.

In 2015 alone, the Turkish Coast Guard rescued more than 42,000 migrants in the Aegean Sea, while that same year another 2,600 who tried to cross the Mediterranean drowned.

Consulted by the humanitarian crisis in Europe, the Spanish musician Joan Manuel Serrat, author of “Mediterranean” and visible face of the campaigns in favor of the free movement of migrants from the Middle East and Africa for that continent, told La Tercera: “I have I have seen the Mediterranean become a garbage dump and at the moment it has become much worse than being a cemetery. ”

Data from the UN say that almost half of the Syrian population has been displaced by the conflict that began in 2011, which has become a major humanitarian crisis.


Source: Latercera