Heroic Rescue in Melilla: Eight Civil Guards are Thrown into the Sea to Save 16 Immigrants

The boat manned by two people threw the immigrants to their fate despite the adverse maritime conditions

The events occurred this morning, about 05’15 hours when the border waterproofing service of the Civil Guard Command of Melilla observed how a high-speed boat, equipped with two large displacement engines, was travelling at full speed from the high seas to the beach of Horcas Coloradas, located in the north of the city. When arriving at a considerable point of the coast, the bosses of the boat began to throw to the sea to the people who transported, disregarding of them, and undertook fast flight seawards.

Immediately activated the protocol of action, the GEAS of the Comandancia made an appearance in a few moments, locating three people at sea who requested dramatic help: two men and a woman who, in one of the cases, did not wear a life jacket , and that, when grabbing the other two, it would endanger its sinking, even more, because it was an area of currents, with east wind, that dragged them out to sea.

The quick action of the GEAS allowed to save their lives, upload them to the boat and practice first aid, proving that one of them, male, was with symptoms of pre-drowning and hypothermia, achieving its stabilization. When arriving at the port, it was attended by Red Cross, with a satisfactory result, achieving its complete restoration.

The boat of the mafias that traffic with human beings, and that with total contempt put in risk the life of the immigrants, was manned by two people, that after throwing people to the sea, they fled to the sea. There is no doubt about the deception to which the immigrants are subjected, since even leaving part of them close to the coast, it is a rocky area, with a lot of drafts a few meters from the hill.

In addition, the sea was in poor condition and with a hangover from the east wind, which is why immigrants found it hard to get close to the beach. In view of the situation described, the civil guards who from the beach were checking how these people screamed and demanded help, did not hesitate all of them to jump into the water to help them reach the coast, eight civil guards were thrown into the sea and managed to rescue all immigrants with serious difficulties; in total sixteen people.

The result of the performance and the modus operandi of the mafias

The vessel was carrying nineteen people, fifteen men and four women, all of the Sub-Saharan origin and undocumented. Fortunately, on this occasion, all have been able to save their lives and are in good condition, admitted to the CETI of the City, after their assistance for the services of the Red Cross.

eight civil guards are thrown into the sea to save 16 immigrants

The Civil Guard wants to expose to public opinion the dramatic and limited situation to which these mafias or organizations that traffic with human beings put at risk these people, whom they treat as merchandise and with total contempt for their lives, in exchange for the huge sum of money that makes them pay, and with deception and appearance that there is no risk in their criminal activities.

So far this year, there have been ten occasions in which these organizations have used the same procedure to introduce immigrants by sea in the City of Melilla. It is feared that, despite our rapid reaction in these types of cases, we will not always be so lucky to be able to guarantee assistance and save lives. A small video is attached, the only one with which it is counted, in which it has been possible to take the image of the boat of the traffickers of people, of return towards Moroccan waters.

In it, you can see the poor state of the sea and the high speed it carries; next to some photographs of the place of the help of the people from the ground, where the circumstances that were happening are also appreciated, the prevailing waves, in a windy and rocky area.


Source: El Faro Demelilla