He Stops his Wedding Photo Session to Rescue a Young Man Who Was Drowning in the Sea

A newlywed was in full session with his new wife on the beach, when, suddenly, he left everything to rescue a young man about to drown in the sea.

According to the Mirror, Zac Edwards (37) interrupted the photo shoot with his wife Cindy (32) to help a boy in Orange Beach (Alabama) on August 2.

The wedding ceremony had just ended and the bride and groom were picturing each other when Zac caught sight of the young man battling to stay afloat. Without hesitation, he stopped everything and went to the rescue.

“Just by his expression you could see that the boy was in trouble,” Zac said.

Former lifeguard and member of the Coast Guard, the rescuer barely managed to take off his shirt and ran to the sea before the expectant gaze of his wife and the rest of the guests. The man ordered two bathers to follow him and carry a float board.

Edwards swam more than 40 meters to the boy, whose identity was not disclosed, and immediately tried to keep his head afloat, as he kept repeating that he could not breathe.

The man tried to swim back to the coast, but his soaked trousers prevented him from kicking, so he began to worry a little.

However, shortly after, the swimmers he ordered to follow him and a rescuer in a jet ski reached it, picked it up and managed to return safely to the beach.

“I was just thinking about my wife at that time. When I left the sea she just ran to me, while I was bleeding from the nose and asked her to walk away because I know how important that dress was to her. I did not want to ruin it, “Zac told NBC 15.

Cindy, on the other hand, also admitted to being scared by the incident.

“I saw that Zac was tired and could not swim against the current. They had stopped and I worried (but) thank God the rescuers arrived on time, “Cindy told Mirror.

The couple also took the opportunity to remind people that they must heed the warnings of lifeguards when they tell them not to go to sea at certain times.

He Stops his Wedding Photo Session to Rescue a Young Man Who Was Drowning in the Sea

“People underestimate the ocean. It is not entirely his fault, but that day there was a red flag. People do not read the signs and swimmers must be careful; even the most experienced can have problems, “said Zac.

According to the report, the rescued young man has already recovered from the incident.


Source: Telemundo