He is Captured With 138 Kilos of Cocaine in the Guayas River

The ship had to sail to Spain from Guayaquil.

The National Director of Antinarcotics, Carlos Alulema, reported that the suspect was found when he was towing three black suitcases with the help of a life buoy, inside which 140 packages of drugs were found.

Kléber Y., 33, was apprehended when he was discovered among the mangroves of the Guayas River when he tried to bring 138 kilos of cocaine hydrochloride to the Carlota Star vessel, the Interior Ministry reported.

“We believe that (the drug) was intended to engage in grids that have the ship in the hull or turn up the drug and take it alone as travel bags, in complicity with someone from the crew previously contacted and other accomplices,” said Alulema.

captured with 138 kilos of cocaine in the Guayas River

There were no more detainees.


Source: El Diario