Hapag-Lloyds Vessel Crushed in Santos Port (video)

The Praticagem de São Paulo, responsible for the professionals who guide ship commanders in the entrance and exit maneuvers of the Port of Santos, on the coast of São Paulo, consider that the depth of the navigation channel contributed to the collision of a container carrier with three rafts on Sunday night (6). The case is investigated by the Navy.

The Santos Express vessel collided sideways with three ferries crossing Santos and Guarujá. The FB-18, FB-19 and FB-28 vessels were hit and had several damages. The accident was videotaped by drivers using the service and company employees. Nobody got hurt.

“If there was no machine failure, the only thing that could contribute [to the accident] is that it [the practitioner] felt the shallow depth. The ship went farther on the right in search of more water,” explained the director of institutional relations of the practice, Fábio Mello Fontes. Onboard, the ship, according to the institution, were two in-service practitioners.

“The practical one when he realized what could happen, tried to soften the way he can.” The practitioner was a master, and when he realized he tried to ease the accident, it was the practitioner who avoided a major accident, “Fontes said). The accident is the subject of an investigation by the Brazilian Navy to investigate causes and responsibilities.


Satellite monitoring of the Santos Express vessel indicated that it accessed the Estuary Channel, used for navigation to the Santos Port terminals at 8:22 p.m. Exactly seven minutes later, the boat, which is 48 meters wide (mouth), abruptly approached the Left Bank of the pier in Guarujá.

For a minute, the right side of the freighter was dragged by the three ferries, used by the state-owned Desarrollo Rodoviário S / A (Dersa) in the service of sea crossings in the coast of São Paulo. The first two vessels were out of service, and the third had landed vehicles just before.

Because of the size of the ship, at least one tugboat assisted in the maneuvering of the vessel to access the complex. After that, the freighter lined up again in the canal and docked safely at the DP World Santos dock, also on the Left Bank, at 9:13 pm, where Navy experts travelled.

Hapag-Lloyd, the owner of the German-flagged vessel, was baptized in November 2017 and said it is collaborating with the authorities and that the incident is also being investigated internally. Two of the rafts hit remain inoperative, with no forecast of the return to the service of crossings.



Source: G1Globo