Halla Norwegian Police Boat of a Missing WikiLeaks Collaborator

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Arjen Kamphuis disappeared after leaving his hotel in Bodø, Northern Norway, on August 20

Norwegian police announced on Thursday the discovery of what it considers to be the kayak of Arjen Kamphuis, a WikiLeaks collaborator, who has been missing since August 20 in Norway.

The police released a picture of the kayak, a folding white boat belonging to the 47-year-old Dutch cybersecurity expert who had bought it just before travelling on holiday to the Scandinavian country.

Arjen Kamphuis disappeared after leaving his hotel in Bodø (northern Norway) on August 20, a disappearance that spawned a multitude of conspiracy theories on social media.

Famous for having published compromising documents of the American diplomacy and the army, WikiLeaks assures that Kamphuis is a partner of the founder of the organization, the Australian Julian Assange, a refugee in the embassy of Ecuador in London to escape of the American justice.

The organization describes the disappearance as “strange”, and the police assure that it is exploring all the options: a voluntary disappearance, including a possible suicide, an accident or a criminal act.

Arjen Kamphuis disappeared after leaving his hotel in Bodø, northern Norway

Police announced the discovery by a fisherman of some personal effects of the missing man on Tuesday near Kvaenflåget, about 50 kilometres east of Bodø.


Source: Tribuna Noticias MX