Greenpeace on Oil Spill in Tierra del Fuego: “There has not even been talk of Sanctions”

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The coordinator of the environmental NGO, Estefanía González, was in # AquíYAhora and called on the political world to take urgent measures so that environmental disasters do not continue to occur in the country.

The spill of 720 thousand litres of oil from a YPF plant located in Tierra del Fuego has mobilized environmental organizations that seek that this fact is not without sanctions.

In fact, Greenpeace went to the Environment Superintendency to report environmental infractions of the Argentine oil company and Enap, and requested that a sanction procedure be initiated for those responsible for the environmental disaster that affected an area of 6 thousand square meters.

This was discussed in # AquíYAhora, the coordinator of the NGO, Estefanía González, who argued that this is ” the largest oil spill in the history of Chile .”

For the environmental activist, it is necessary to clarify the measures that are being taken to face this situation.

“It strikes us that it is said that 60% of the oil was removed. We do not have clarity about what is being demanded of the company, “he said.

González says that if the oil reaches the ocean, the consequences could be even greater for the environment. That is why he called on the political world to improve legislation because ” there is a crisis every year with industries that are operating in southern Chile in a very questionable manner .”

“Certain things call our attention. We were looking at the environmental permits they have to operate in the area and for example, there was an environmental impact statement in which Enap gives up the process that was to have a pumping center right at the point where the accident was now. There is also a Comptroller’s report that indicated that Enap did not have the plans to take charge of the environmental corridors in more than 500 wells in the Magallanes Region and Enap’s response was’ but no people live, so there will not be affected people, ‘” he added.

Greenpeace on Oil Spill in Tierra del Fuego: "There has not even been talk of Sanctions"

From Greenpeace hope that the facts are at least investigated and called on public opinion to make pressure so that this fact does not go unnoticed.

” It can not be that a project that has approved environmental permits has this type of accident. Environmental disasters require a rethinking of the urgent political world, “he said, adding that not even” there has been talk of a possible sanction. ”


Source: El Descon Cierto